About Us

We are specialized in diagnostic and therapeutic accessories for the Gastrointestinal & Pulmonary market.
We are offering high quality reusable and single use endoscopy instruments.
Through our sister companies in South America / Brazil and in Europe / Belgium – we have built a great experience in providing the Gastroenterology professionals an great alternative choice for their needs.

Our Vision:
Offer Simple & Performing medical devices for an innovative and more human medicine.

Our Mission :
• Offer a complete range of medical devices for Endoscopy.
• Bring innovation and simplicity through collaboration with doctors, nurses and patients.
• Constantly improve our Quality Management System to meet implicit and explicit
customer needs
• Reach out for more humanitarian medicine in spreading our vision to our collaborators
through out the world.

Our Values:
• Leadership
• Team work
• Quality
• Ethic and respectful
• Humanitarian Spirit

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Contact Us

G-Flex Usa, Inc.
74 Southwoods Pkwy
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30354 – USA
Telephone:(770) 785-2812
Fax:(770) 234-5443
E.mail: sales@g-flex.com

European Office:
G-Flex Europe Sprl
20, Rue De l industrie
1400 Nivelles (Belgium)
Telephone: +32 (0)67 88 36 65
Fax:+32 (0)67 88 36 88
E.mail: sales@g-flex.com

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